Food Vendor Application

Vendor Information

Have you ever been a vendor at Summerfest before?

Proposed Menu

Please attach a pdf file of all the menu items you will be serving. Include the name of each item, a photo, description, and price. Menus are judged on variety, affordability, and the ease of serving in an outdoor setting. Menus should accommodate children wherever possible. All menu substitutions must be cleared through the Summerfest Food Committee. Summerfest has a limited amount of space for food booths and each menu needs to be unique (no duplicate menus).

Item Details


Provide a JPG image of your booth, trailer, tent, etc. (drawing or photograph)
Image size must be no greater than 2MB. You can use an online program called pixlr editor. Visit to edit and resize your image. 

List ALL your electrical requirements including EXACTLY how much power you will need, how many connections you will need, etc. NOTE: It is critical that you provide accurate power requirements so that we have plenty available. NO application will be accepted without electrical requirements indicated:

Concessionaire is responsible for providing their own hoses, electrical cords (electrical cords must be 12 Gauge or higher), electrical adapters, and any other necessary equipment:

It is VERY important that the EXACT amount of electricity needed to run your operation is listed on the registration form. Registration forms will NOT be accepted without power requirements. We contract with Northwood Rentals to make sure you have the necessary power requested. If, for any reason, your power fails during the event contact Alan Elder, Service Technician for Northwood Rentals at 435-764-8008. Any service calls that are caused by your operation, including tripped breakers, will be billed directly to you.

Concessionaire agrees to cover the cost of all electrical work performed at the event that is a result of providing incomplete or inaccurate information to the event organizer.

Concessionaire has read and understands the Terms and Conditions at the end of this contract.

It is the responsibility of the concessionaire to check out with a Summerfest staff member prior to vacating the premises on Saturday evening to ensure that the booth space has been left clean and in good condition. In the event of any major damage, such as grease spills, a walk through will be conducted on Monday with the Tabernacle staff to assess the damage and make arrangements for the concessionaire to cover any and all cleaning costs associated with the clean-up. Every effort will be made to schedule the Monday walk through so that the concessionaire can be present, in the event that that is not possible, the damage will be documented with photograph. Any expenses incurred will be billed directly to the concessionaire.

Concessionaire agrees to pay any cleaning costs that result from damage done to Tabernacle grounds as a result of their food service operation.

Hold Harmless Agreement

I agree that I will not sell coffee, tea, water or soda or provide these items free with any food purchase. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold Summerfest Arts Faire, the City of Logan, Utah, Cache County, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and their agents, servants, employees, successors, and assigns, harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, damages, losses, fines and/or expenses including, but not limited to attorney's fees, resulting from or arising out of or related to personal injuries, loss of, or damage to, property or involving any impairment of, or damage to, any right because of, or in any way related to, my participation in Summerfest Arts Faire whether or not such liability, claim, damage, loss, fine, or expense is caused in part by the negligence of the Arts Faire, City, County, and/or the LDS Church. I acknowledge that I have freely and voluntarily entered into this agreement and that I have read and understand this agreement in its entirety.

If under age 18, Signature of parent/guardian

$45 Application Fee

Mission Statement

Summerfest Arts Faire, an annual juried event held on the grounds of the Logan Tabernacle, celebrates the arts in Cache Valley by bringing people together to enjoy a festival of high-quality art, music and food.

Contact Details

Mailing Address: 
69 East 100 North
Logan, UT 84321

Event Location:
Historic Downtown
50 North Main Street
Logan, UT 84321


Phone: 435-213-3858

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